Necessary items to keep up the Spiderman cosplay better

spiderman cosplay guide and tips

Spider-Man has had many incarnations over the years. He has existed in comics and animated media way before jumping on screen and becoming famous. But no matter what, one can easily recognize him from his spider symbol and his full face mask. The spider symbol and the details of his suit have surely changed in live action over the years. It began with Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man Trilogy before moving on to Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man duology. Now Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) Tom Holland is the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The best part about the changing suit styles has been the variety it offers to cosplayers. But even with that, there are some key and necessary items you will need to keep up with others as well as to stay on top of the Spidey cosplay game.

spiderman cosplay tips

Here are those must have things for Spiderman cosplay:

  • The face mask: The webbed head mask is how most people recognize spider man regardless of what suit he is in. Going without one is a big no-no in cosplay circles. If you are having trouble making those then rest easy, it’s pretty easy to make. First, you need to use a face shell, to begin with. This is because a face shell will give the mask the much-needed shape which putting on just the fabric won’t and it will also let you breathe easier. Now, cut out the eye holes in the face shell and attach the fabric on the shell. Make sure that the fabric also has the eye holes cut out.

Now it’s time to make the design on the mask. Depending on the style you want to go with, you will have to use white, blue or black thin leather stripes or permanent markers to make the webbing on the mask. You can use industrial strength glue to stick the leather stripes on the mask. Now it’s time to make the eyes. First, make the frame and then attach a white see-through piece of plastic on it. You can use a net mesh to make it look more authentic but make sure that you can see properly through it.

  • Web shooters: Web shooters were brought into live action prominence in “The Amazing Spider-Man” starring Andrew Garfield. But, the idea has remained and now MCU’s Spider-Man also uses web shooters. Making web-shooters can seem to be really difficult. We are not gonna lie, if you want them to really work so that you can show it off in then you will have to work for it. But if you just want a prop to wear on your wrists since most cosplay conventions don’t allow for projectiles of any sort then it will be easy to make. Look at pics of the web shooters and use cardboard, leather, paper mache, scissors and such to make it.
  • The spider suit: Spider suits are available online if you want to buy it, but if you want to make it then there’s some effort needed. This effort will vary depending on the kind of Spidey suit you want to make. Objectively speaking, MCU Spider-Man’s suit is the easiest to make. This is because the suit looks like it is made up of strong fabric rather than rubber. Moreover, the spider webbing style which is present all over the suit is broader and almost invisible to the eye. As such cosplayers can get away with making these with black markers. But Andrew Garfield’s suit is very detailed even if it doesn’t look like that. Tobey Maguire is the original mainstream live-action Spider-Man and his suit still remains one of the best. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd then go for Tobey Maguire’s suit.

iron spiderman suits

To make the suit, you will first need a muscle suit and then put the red parts of the suit fabric on it. Then proceed to add the blue parts present on the sides. Now it’s time to add the while spider webbing all over the arms and chest.

All of Spider-Man’s suits are iconic but having these items will make you look updated and stylish at any costumed themed party. So get ready to climb some walls, shoot some webs and impress people with your spider suit.

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