How to diy yours captain marvel cosplay costumes?

captain marvel cosplay ideas

Marvel Studios Captain Marvel has grossed more than a billion dollars at the box office. It is the first female-led the movie to do so as well. Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers loses her memory and spends years on a planet called Hala serving in their military and fighting against the Kree. It is only after she accidentally returns to earth that she comes to know who she is, where her powers came from and what is her purpose going to be. It’s a powerful story with some mind-blowing action sequences. So it only makes sense to try to get her to look and try to feel her power in that suit.

Here’s how you can get Captain Marvel’s cosplay costume look from the movie:

  • The Captain Marvel Jacket: In the movie, she has two looks actually- one is the green Kree suit and the other is the red and gold Captain Marvel suit. To get the green Kree look you will need a sturdy black jacket and for the Captain Marvel look, you will need a sturdy red jacket. You can then make use of green cloth combined with cardboard to get the Kree look. For the Captain, Marvel suit use gold cloth and cardboard to get the design. The star on the Kree suit is silver, but on the captain Marvel suit it is gold. Make use of papier mache, gold, and silver metallic paint and cardboard to make the star.
  • The blue pants: The pants in the movie look are pretty sturdy and to get the look, you must use plain blue jeans. The movie look has some red and gold trimmings on the pants so make sure you get those by cutting out some sturdy cloth pieces.
  • The arm braces: Captain Marvel has some really cool looking bracelets. They are red in colour and easy to make using some sturdy cardboard. First, you will have to draw out the outline of the design and then cut it out in such a way that it fits around your wrists and extends up.
  • Fingerless gloves: Carol’s fingerless gloves look to be made up of some kind of strong cloth because if you look closely at her palms, then you will see that there’s some sewing done on them. Regardless, you can just cut out the top of a pair of red gloves to get the accessory.
  • Boots: She wears custom designed red boots which come in their own style as well. Look closely at internet pictures and get that right. You can buy red boots to begin the process.
  • Hair: Carol is blonde and her hair is side parted in the movie. Just order a blonde wig from online hair and makeup sites and then style it like the movie.

captain marvel cosplay costumes show

There, you have your Captain Marvel look fully complete. If you are having trouble making the costume then you can opt to just order it from online shops as well. After all, you should be able to enjoy the whole process and then afterward while wearing the suit.

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